An Agreeable Design

This is the coffee table which I am working on right now.  Let me be candid, the term ďworking on right nowĒ has extended over the span of at least 15 years. I work on it a bit, then put things aside for more interesting projects, then come back to it again.  But Iím serious about this now, for a number of reasons. Itís too good a table to let it remain uncompleted.  Itís too good a design to leave it unfinished. And, thereís something about approaching the age of Social Security eligibility that reminds one of the finite limits of our lives. So, Iím working on it again.

Because any coffee table is a combination of factors and skills, Iím breaking the discussion of this table into segments.

  • The Table Furniture
  • The Track Layout
  • The Controls

After a great deal of thought, I chose N-Scale for this coffee table.  Because of sentimentality, I chose to use an Arnold rapido track plan and mostly rapido structures. The trains will be a combination of manufacturers, with the locomotives being Minitrix and the rolling stock a combination.  Likewise, the scene is European, in part because I like European equipment, but also because the rolling stock is shorter, so the sharp curves of this track design wonít be as noticeable.

In looking at the related pages, remember that this project started in the early 1990ís, a time before DCC was commonplace.  As a result, this layout will use a combination of analog and command control. As things are approaching completion, I am quite satisfied with things.  Although this design might not be your kind of style, there are some interesting facets to the railroad.

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