Backdrop Building

Plastruct makes three different kits for use in steel mill modeling. Their first kit in this series in a “Fake Front” that has lots of pipes and shapes.

Here is the Plastruct kit prior to painting. This structure is a natural complement to the Walthers rolling mill, at right.

The Plastruct K-1030 kit is essentially a flat piece of styrene which as two raised sections, each with added details.

While construction of the Plastruct Fake Front building is as close as you are going to get to scratchbuilding, don’t let this scare you. With careful study, this kit will produce an interesting structure that adds to your railroad scene.  The instructions are sometimes obtuse, but it can be built and one of the liberating factors of such a project is that as long as it looks good, you have done a good job.  Nobody will ever know if you built the walls slightly smaller than called for in the instructions.

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