This section is devoted to train collecting and toy collecting:

The collecting of model trains and toys is a vast and interesting subject. These pages cover a few of the varied number of product lines, primarily those of model trains. And, these pages are written from an American perspective, so they may not be complete.

In some cases, there are only a few pages devoted to a product line, simply because they were only manufactured for a few years. Lines like Röwa, Postage Stamp, Märklin Minex, Lionel H0 came and went quickly. In the case of Lionel H0, it came and went three different times.  Other lines such as Rokal were around for a longer time, only to fade out later. In other cases, these pages cover the early days of a new product line in a new format.  Lines like Arnold rapido, Minitrix (both N-Scale) and Märklin mini-club (Z-Scale), still continue to this day; what interests me is how they got started, creating a new product line in a new size where there had been nothing before.

As time permits, I keep adding new material as it becomes available.

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