Credits & Photographs

Any work like this cannot be done alone. Besides my efforts, you should know that several people and organizations were instrumental in helping get this information posted for your interest.

Mr. Ron Hatch proved to be of invaluable assistance in the preparation of this work. His maps served to place matters into context. His knowledge and skills helped to explain certain background issues about the Galesburg & Great Eastern. Ron sent me a copy of the John L.  Brown G&GE history article which appeared in an ancient quarterly newspaper about the Knox County region. Without that article and his help in general, this work would not be nearly as textured. You should also know that he is a professional railroad illustrator whose work appears above; this gorgeous illustration was done on commission. He may be reached at:

Ron Hatch
P. O. Box 962
Galesburg, IL 61401

These pages became much better because of Mr. Ken Naslund, who provided his grandfather's photographs to Ron Hatch; Mr. Kenneth C. Ziegler took those photos during his years as an engineer on the G&GE. All of this would not have been possible except for Mr. A. K. Seeger, a friend of Ron Hatch's who knew Mr. Naslund, who brought everybody together.

Ms. Carley Robison, of Knox College, was of special help to me with this project. Her support and helpful bits of research material contributed substantially to my work on the G&GE. Thanks Carley.

Mr. Jay Reed was instrumental in providing the roster information about the railroad's two Whitcomb diesels.

I also would like to thank the offices of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for providing information about the Little John  Mine, the major customer of the Galesburg & Great Eastern after 1936.

I have never met many of these people face to face, but email made this site happen.......


Photographs featured on these pages were obtained from several sources; you may obtain copies from these sources, too. Each individual or organization has their own requirements and prices. Most have established lists of photographs. A simple letter stating what photographs you are looking for, accompanied with a stamped, self-addressed envelope, will get you started.

California State Railroad Museum
111 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Mr. William Raia (Paul Stringham Collection)
P. O. Box 2069
Schiller Park, IL 60176

Mr. Harold K. Vollrath (Vollrath & Winters Collections)
1000 W.  97th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64114

Mr. Vollrath in his native environment


As old fashioned as it might seem, these pages actually used several books for source material.

Steam Locomotives of the Burlington Route; Bernard G. Corbin & William F. Kerka, Bonanza Books, 1960. ISBN: 0-517-26195-2

The Shortline Doodlebug; Edmund Keilty, Interurban Press, 1988. ISBN: 0-916374-77- 7

Guide to Railroad Historical Resources; Thomas T. Taber, III, Taber Publishing, 1993.

The Second Diesel Spotter's Guide; Jerry A. Pinkepank, Kalmbach Books,  1973. Library of Congress: 66-22894

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