Gescha Combi

Gescha was a toy manufacturer based in Nürnberg, Germany, apparently starting around the 1920’s.  Although a few recent items appear under the Gescha name, most products manufactured by this company are now sold under the Conrad Models name. Like many other Nürnberg Toy companies (such as Arnold, such as Trix), Gescha made their products of stamped metal in earlier years.  Later, starting in the 1960’s Gescha switched over to manufacturing die-cast metal toys.

I have a toy in my collection which was a gift from my father for Christmas, probably 1958 or 1959. It is Gescha’s “Combi-Six”, a metal construction toy which could be built up into six different vehicles:

The Combi-Six featured a group of stamped metal pieces and assemblies which could be bolted together to make six different trucks. The Combi-Six had a stamped metal truck body that had a friction motor and rubber tires. The complete set included a small metal box of screws, washers and nuts, a screwdriver, wrench and pair of pliers.  Inside the box:

Over the years, I have managed to misplace the pliers, but by looking at the worn places on the vehicle’s paint, you can tell that I played with my Combi-Six.  And enjoyed it.

In recent years, I have discovered that Gescha also made a Combi-3:

My dad must have bought the Combi-Six from an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal.  Such a toy was not commonly found in coastal Texas stores. 

This toy is one of my sentimental favorites.

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