Hubley Tiny Toys

Hubley was an old-line die-cast toy manufacturer located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  It was founded in the late 1800’s and was purchased by Gabriel in 1965.  Late in their production (ca. 1962), Hubley produced a series of vehicle kits called TinyToys. They appear to be scaled around 1:60, putting them in the sweet spot between S-Scale and Lionel 0-Gauge. These kits had cast metal frames, plastic bodies and plastic tires.  The dump truck, dozer and scraper had cast metal representations of their engines.

In the May, 1961 issue of Model Railroader magazine, a product review indicates that “About 27 different models are available.”  In addition to what I have, the photo accompanying the product review shows a Corvair automobile, a street type dump truck, school bus and a soft-drink truck, making for 11 vehicles accounted for by photograph.  There are apparently more in the product line and I welcome your  comments on this line.

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