HY&T - The Route

Tampico South

The HY&T had a station at Tampico, Illinois.  At this point, it connected to the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad branch which ran between Dixon and Mendota. The HY&T apparently operated down the middle of Benton Street, then moved westward to operate along the east side of Illinois Route 172 to a place identified as “Graham Crossing”.

Graham Crossing South

Love Station

From Graham Crossing, the line continued south for about .6 miles, then crossed back over to the east side of Illinois 172. It is assumed that the property owner of the east side of Illinois 172 did not want a railroad on their land, which would serve to explain an otherwise inexplicable jump from one side of the road to the other.

As the HY&T approached Illinois Route 92, it turned to the west, crossing route 92 at a point identified as “Love Station” or “Fairfield”. This location has also been identified in some materials as “Love Center”.

Love Station to Yorktown

The HY&T continued west along the south side of Illinois Route 92 for about 2 miles to Yorktown.

Yorktown to the Southwest

At Yorktown, the line turns to the Southwest toward Aliceville.

The location of Aliceville is approximate, based upon measurements from a map of the railroad which was published in a magazine.

Aliceville to Hooppole


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