Layout Design

For many model railroaders, the end goal is the completion of a layout, with track in place, structures, signals and scenery to make an interesting scene.  The basic layout design can be a challenge, so most model railroad manufacturers produce track plan books to help you get started.  Rokal was no different.

Around 1952 - 1956, Rokal produced this 16 page plan book, in English and, presumably, also in German.

The track plans were basic:

Around 1961, a new plan book was issued, with text and information printed in German, Dutch, French and English; these were the four major Rokal markets.

The track plans were more interesting, too.

In 1963, the same book was reissued, with a new cover and some internal pages changed. The track plans remained the same.

In particular, Layout 415 is of interest since it was actually built and served as a photographic and promotional model of Rokal products.

Further discussion of this railroad is located here.

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