Lionel H0 Resources

Much of the material on my Lionel H0 pages was derived from the annual catalogs which Lionel issued over the years of their H0-Scale production.  That said, there also were three resources which have proven to be quite helpful.

“All Aboard!”, by Ron Hollander, [Workman Publishing, 1981, ISBN 0-89480-184-8], gives a great overview of the life and times of the Lionel Train Company.  Although the H0 product line is mentioned only in passing, this is still a great book on an interesting topic.

“Lionel HO - Volume I, 1957 - 1966” by George J. Horan and Vincent Rosa [Greenberg Books, 1993, ISBN 0-89778-359-X], proved to be an invaluable resource on the production and variations of Lionel’s first try at H0 model trains. The book is somewhat complicated because the Lionel H0 saga is complicated, but it is worth the study.

“Lionel HO - Volume II, 1974 - 1977” by George L. Horan [Kalmbach Publishing, 1993, ISBN 978-0897783392] covers Lionel’s second try at the H0-Scale market.

My thanks also go to the memory of Dick McNary, who sold me the core elements of my Lionel H0 collection. I already had some things, but Big Dick really helped me along.  Like every other train collector, he was an interesting human being. He was a great collector of Marx trains and toys, and other researchers have told me that Dick helped them too.