Märklin mini-club

This section contains information about the Märklin mini-club product line, arranged on a year by year basis.  As with the other topics covered in the Collecting section, specific valuations are not discussed. If you are interested in the different variations and their market prices, you would do well to obtain copies of the two Koll guides on the topic,  The guides:

  • Koll’s Preis-Katalog - Liebhaber-Preise für Loks, Wagenm Zubehör Märklin Spur Z
  • Koll’s Spezial Katalog - Werbemodelle, Sondermodelle Märklin Spur Z

These guides are available from most Märklin dealers.  The valuations listed in the Koll’s Guides are for the European market, and do not necessarily reflect North American pricing.

Likewise, you can follow sales on sites such as eBay, keeping in mind that the pricing of a specific item may vary widely over the span of a year because of general market activity. An item that sells for $200.00 one time may not bring $50.00 six months later, for no apparent reason. And, although I collect mini-club, I really don’t follow pricing anyway. 

For information regarding the construction of Z-Scale layouts and for information about the technical aspects of the Märklin mini-club line, please see another section of this site:

Guide to Z-Scale

Here, the catalog details of the Märklin mini-club product line:

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