Märklin Resin-cast

In 1988, Märklin, GmbH issued a series of hand painted Z-Scale resin-cast structures.  These buildings were nicely detailed solid blocks of resin, apparently made by a French company for Märklin. They were only available for two years and this would presumably have been only one production run of these buildings.

Traditional Alpine Structures

  • 8401 - Swiss chalet “St. Moritz”
  • 8402 - Swiss Farm House “Silvaplana
  • 8403 - Church “St. Leonhard”
  • 8404 - Alpine barn with water trough

Traditional Alpine Structures

  • 8405 - Dairy “Naders”
  • 8406 - Alpine hut “Schönjöchl”
  • 8407 - Mill “Serfaus”
  • 8408 - Mountain chalet “Stuben”

Traditional Country Houses from Frisia and Holstein

  • 8409 - Farm house “Syke”
  • 8410 - Fisherman’s cottage “Pellworm”
  • 8411 - Thatched cottage “ “Plön”
  • 8412 - North Frisian Long House “Sylt”

These nicely detailed structures disappeared from the Märklin catalog after 1990, but they still turn up in the secondary market.  In the same general time frame, Arnold offered similar N-Scale structures, presumably manufactured by the same French company.

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