Minitrix Special Items

In addition to the regular line items, many model railroad manufacturers also issued special imprinted items.  Some of these were done in conjunction with shows such as the Nürnberg Toy Fair, given out to dealers who visited the company’s booth at the show. Other items were done to commemorate events and the like.  Regardless, these items remain popular with collectors because of their relative rarity.

Trix was no exception to this practice, and here are a few examples of such special imprint cars.  In the 1980’s, there were at least three special imprints; none represented an actual railroad car. Here are three Nürnberg Toy Fair cars for the 1980’s; presumably, there are more:




After Mother Märklin bought Trix in 1997, annual cars for the Toy Fair were issued in much the same manner as Märklin’s H0 and mini-club product lines.  In addition to the special imprint car itself, after the year 2000, a special imprint box held the car with the phrase “Ein herzliches Dankeschön für Ihren Besuch” (A big thank you for your visit); this was in the same manner as the Märklin products.  In some cases, the special imprint car had different decoration on each side of the car.  Here, a sampling of these cars


The special car for 1998 came in a traditional Minitrix box:

Next year, 1999, was both the 40th anniversary of Minitrix and the 50th anniversary of the Nürnberg Toy Fair.  The commemorative car had different printing on each side:


Starting in 2000, Märklin / Trix began promoting a series of steel manufacturing facility kits and rolling stock to serve those facilities. It was only natural that the special imprint cars would follow this theme:


2004 would be the end of the steel mill theme:


2005 would be the 200th anniversary of the Bavarian Kingdom:


The 2006 car would be an oil tank car:


The 2008 car would be decorated in a composite of four different pasasenger car liveries of the Deutsche Bundesbahn:


2009 would be the 50th anniversary of Minitrix, and the special imprint item for that year was a lightly weathered V36 diesel floor toy locomotive that came in a simplified box:

More as it becomes available.

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