Model Railroads

This section is devoted to model railroad topics:

A Gauge 1 Scene

This section contains pages concerning model railroad subjects.  Much of the material is centered upon information and technique which is the result of my over-40 years worth of experience building and repairing things on a professional in model railroading.

  • Steel Mills - Information about construction of H0-Scale steel mills, both the kits manufactured by Wm. K. Walthers and also the close-to-scratchbuilt Plastruct “false front” kits.
  • Chicago Tunnel Company - My efforts at building a model of the Chicago Tunnel Company.
  • Refinery - Some construction thoughts on the Walthers petroleum refinery kits in H0 and N-Scale.
  • Coffee Tables - Some thoughts on constructing coffee tables with trains inside.
  • Amstetten - My own Gauge 1 railroad.
  • Traction - Some pages on constructing model of streetcars and interurban trolleys.
  • Technique - My thoughts on several aspects of model railroad construction, primarily concerning structures and painting techniques, along with words about improving the performance of locomotive mechanisms (surely becoming a lost art in these days of very fine models that come straight out of the box).
  • Electronics - I’ve been interested in advanced model railroad control since General Electric came out with Astrac in the 1960’s and I have a few modest opinions.

Enjoy, but the usual caveats apply.

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