My First Attempt

My first attempt at a coffee table layout came at about the same time I bought my first Z-Scale trains from the late John Hooper at Lenox Toy & Hobby in Atlanta.  These new tiny trains were novel and were the beginning of a long and interesting model railroad experience. I had other trains before, but these were small enough to serious merit being placed in a piece of furniture. It would be nice to say that the first attempt was to succeed.  But it wouldn’t be accurate.

I had selected a simple piece of plywood:

A small Z-Scale track layout was attached, but I needed legs.  I happened upon pre-made legs at a lumber yard. These were tapered legs that screwed into metal sockets.  The metal sockets were attached to the bottom of the plywood.

It soon became apparent that the quick & easy approach looked just like that, quick and easy.  And cheap looking. Never mind that the tapered legs looked like they belonged to Ozzie and Harriet.  Because I had simply attached them to a flat piece of plywood, the bare edge of the wood was unfinished and distracted from the layout.  There was no top for this table either, no place to rest that important cup of coffee. Also, there was no place for the train transformer and electrical controls.

In short, a decent looking coffee table was going to take more than just adding legs.

I moved on to other ideas.

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