N-Scale in 1968

Model railroading had never seen such a thing before. What had started as a model railroad curiosity had blossomed into a major sector of the model railroad hobby in less than a decade. Arnold and Minitrix had been the initial drivers of this phenomenon, but by 1968, the N-Scale sector of the model railroad had become crowded with players.  Consider the companies which had started producing N-Scale in 1968:

Marketer (Brand)


Arnold rapido

Arnold (W. Germany)


Trix (W. Germany)

Revell rapido (aka Microtrains) (a)

Arnold (W. Germany)


Fleischmann (W. Germany)


Bachmann (China)

Kadee Micro-Trains (beginning 1972)

Kadee (United States) (a)

Associated Hobby Manufacturers

Lima (Italy)

Lone Star (ending 1964)

Lone Star (Great Britain)


Mehano (Yugoslavia), Rivarossi (Italy), Roco (Austria)

Aurora, (later, American Tortoise, then  Model Power)

Minitrix, Roco




unknown (China)


Sekisui Kenzo (Kato of Japan)

a).  It should be noted that the Revell rapido product line also used the term “Microtrains”, which should not be confused with the manufacturer Micro-Trains Line, a contemporary manufacturer of N-Scale equipment.  The Kadee Micro-Trains product line later became the independent entity Micro-Trains Line. It should also be noted that several of these companies are still in the N-Scale sector, producing in other countries.

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