NRP Hobbies

This catalog, dated October, 1966, is presumably one of the last catalogs published by Preston before he and Leo Winkler returned to Bamberg, Germany. For the remainder of his life, Preston operated NRP Hobbies there.

This last catalog shows that Preston was “working the niches”, bringing in items which would not have been found in a typical American hobby shop. Most of these items were German (West German in that period), and with the exception of Minitrix, most were uniquely available from Nathan R. Preston & Co.  The catalog shows:

  • Minitrix N-Scale trains
  • Klei-We N-Scale structures
  • Kibri N-Scale structure kits
  • Kibri H0-Scale structure kits
  • Preiser N-Scale figures
  • Willke N-Scale & TT foam roadbed
  • Peco N, H0e, and H0 gauged track
  • Wiking H0 vehicles
  • Wiking 1:200 aircraft models
  • Wiking 1:1250 ship models
  • Rokal TT trains
  • Vau-Pe TT-scale structures
  • Titan power packs
  • Perm DC motors and transmissions
  • Wilesco stationary steam engines
  • Esbit fuel for stationary steam engines
  • Hansa 1:1250 ship models
  • Hansa 1:500 ship models
  • Anguplas 1:1250 ship models
  • Mercury 1:1250 ship models
  • Navis 1:1250 ship models
  • Mercator 1:1250 ship models
  • Delphin 1:1250 ship models
  • Schlingehof 1:1250 ship models
  • Star 1:1250 ship models
  • Tri-Ang 1:1200 ship models
  • Great Lakes 1:1200 ship models
  • H-R 1:1200 ship models
  • Books on naval identification
  • Herman “Teddy” stuffed animals
  • Guenther flying models

In all, an interesting range of items. For further information about 1:1200 and 1:1250 ship models, please see here.

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