Paul Moore

This is a small set of pages devoted to the craft of the late Mr. Paul Moore of Adrian, Michigan. From the early 1940's (with time out for World  War II) to the late 1960's, Mr. Moore produced a series of trolley car kits, built to H0 Scale (3.5 mm = 1 scale foot). The sides of these car kits were unique to Mr. Moore and were generally made from Strathmore (a paper product) or scribed wood. The paper sides consisted of several laminated layers, producing windows and door  panels. The remaining parts of these kits featured wood roofs &  floors, and commercially cast metal detail parts that were manufactured by Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.

Trolley modeling still has its followers, with many individuals producing models which collect electricity from overhead wires, as the real cars do. Many of Moore's car kits were accurate models of streetcars and interurban cars of an earlier era, while another series of cars, called Little Scoots, were characatures.

Since Moore's kits used many commercially manufactured parts, he was able to create many different kits in series. Most shared the paper constructed sides, with his earlier kits using wood. Those who have met him describe his construction technique as a simple one, using a razor blade and ruler, cutting the pieces on a stack of old magazines.  When  Mr. Moore passed on, these kits were gone forever.

The catalog sheets which he produced are printed on high-acid paper, and they too are beginning to show the ravages of time. In all, an  interesting, if obscure, area of the model railroad hobby.

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