Plastruct Kits

Plastruct offers a variety of kits which consist of a plan, some instructions and a box of Plastruct parts.  To quote the Walthers website:

Plastruct manufactures over 4,000 plastic products that are directed toward model railroaders, architects, industrial designers and modelers of all types. The plastic parts can be used in scales ranging from 1:1,200 to 1:12.

As such, although the Plastruct steel mill kits are marketed for H0-Scale, they can be adapted to other scales.  Plastruct makes three different structure kits for use in steel mill modeling. All three are useful as backdrops to steel mill scenes. 

 The first, No. K-1030 represents a utility building with lots of pipes and shapes.

The second kit, K-1031, represents a sintering plant:

The third kit, No. K-1032, represents a limestone preparation plant.

For construction notes for each kit, please click below:

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