Postage Stamp Bus Connections

The Postage Stamp bus system was designed so that a second speed controller and bus could be added, with each individually controlled without further wiring.  The second controller was simply connected to the vacant connector of the terminal track. The bus had an internal jumper which was changed and that was it.

Power was supplied to the bus roadway with piece No. 4419:

For single bus operations, the 4431 controller was plugged into the right hand socket of the 4419 roadway terminal piece. Note that a second 4431 can be plugged into the left hand socket. Internally, the 4431 had diodes which allowed for two bus operation without special wiring:

The instruction sheet includes this note:

One of the buses had to be adjusted to allow for two bus operations. A small jumper on the bottom of the bus selected which pick-up shoe was used: