Rokal Links & Sources

This site was prepared with the assistance of several resources and websites.


Rokal pages from Rokal’s hometown, Lobberich, Germany.  These extensive pages have both a considerable body of information about Rokal and useful links to other sites. German language, but Google Translate helps you get the gist of things.


Stefan Mayer has produced an extensive site about Rokal with the considerable assistance of other Rokal friends. This site has information about many aspects of Rokal trains. There are numerous Rokal documents available for downloading in Adobe Reader format.  Again, it is German language only, but Herr Mayer’s site is extremely useful with the help of Google Translate.


Manfred Heiss has some reproduction Rokal parts, here:

Matthias’ Modellbahnseiten, a gorgeous Rokal layout and set of information pages, is located here:

Print Media

There are some printed items about Rokal and TT-Scale. In particular, I relied upon:

  • Handbuch für Modellbahn-Sammler; Phönix Verlag, 1988
  • Rokal catalogs, from 1952 - 1969

A very useful text with an overview of TT comes from Andreas Räntzsch:

  • Die TT-Bahn, Andreas M. Räntzsch, ISBN 3-928786-55-5, 1996


Lobberich, Rokal’s home town, has an extensive website devoted to the town and surrounding area.  Additional information about Lobberich is located here:

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