Rolling Stock

The Galesburg & Great Eastern reportedly had "five steel hopper cars", a bay window caboose, a gravel spreader and a weed sprayer. Also, the railroad had at least one passenger car, perhaps more.  Of these cars, only a few photographs have appeared during research; most were caboose cars.

Here, the G&GE’s Official Equipment Register entry for July, 1953, when the railroad still used steam locomotives:

At this point, the G&GE had three active steam locomotives, five hopper cars, one flat car, two side dump cars, an auto with flanged wheels (the “Baby Zephyr”) and one caboose.  It is likely that all of the freight cars were used only on the G&GE, and were not interchanged to other railroads. 

By 1958, the steam locomotives were gone, replaced with the two Whitcomb diesels:

By this time, the hopper cars were no longer listed in the Register, but probably were still in use.

Caboose Number 1 was photographed at Victoria on March 24, 1939. It appears to be a former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy cab.

Photo  courtesy William Raia, taken by Paul Stringham.

Caboose No. 01 stayed on the property until the end of the railroad. Here, it was photographed at Victoria in August, 1952. It also appears to have Burlington Railroad heritage, looking  similar to the road's NE-1 type caboose.

Photo courtesy California State Railroad Museum, Robert M.  Hanft Collection

Another shot, from Joe Collias, was taken in December, 1954.

It should be noted that the colors of this car are not reliable, since the photograph was taken almost fifty years ago. The passage of time causes early color films to fade, with reds being the first color to go.

Another shot:

Below, a Galesburg & Great Eastern passenger car is visible in the background of a photograph that was taken in 1910:

This car is typical of the era, being made of wood with open end platforms, stove-type heater and a clerestory roof. It appears to be a combination car, with both passenger seating and a baggage compartment. Also visible on a siding in the background is one of the G&GE’s steam locomotives.

One photograph of the railroad’s hopper cars turned up:

This hopper was not used in interchange service, which means that the car was simply used to haul coal around the G&GE and not exchanged with the Burlington for shipment to points beyond the tracks of the Galesburg & Great Eastern. An interchange car would have dimensional and capacity data printed on the car sides, which this car does not. Note that below the “117” and at the opposite end on the car side is a printed notice, which likely says “Not for interchange service” or something similar.

Cars used in this type of service did not need to meet more stringent requirements for equipment which left the home rails of the railroad.  These cars were typically identified at “Company Service” cars, and 117 is such a car.

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