RR Facilities

The Galesburg & Great Eastern had support facilities located at Victoria, Illinois. The railroad's office at Victoria was this station.

Photo courtesy William Raia, taken by Paul Stringham at Victoria, August 12, 1954.

It is a quiet summer morning at Victoria. This view shows the G&GE line heading up a slight grade toward the flat prairie land which leads west to Wataga. Beyond the grade crossing next to the station, a siding breaks off to serve the grain elevator in the background. Further up this small grade, a branch line leads south (to the left) to the major traffic generator of the railroad, the Little John Mine.

On this mine branch, the G&GE located both a car marshaling yard (Upper Yard) to support the coal operation and also located its enginehouse and other locomotive support facilities. Since coal was a major product for the railroad, it is presumed that the company's engines burned Little John coal. Other engine support activities took place at this enginehouse.

Photo courtesy William Raia, taken by Paul Stringham at Victoria, August 12, 1954.

G&GE No. 2 (above) takes a break during the day's operations. This two-stall enginehouse probably served both store the road's active engines and to also effect repairs. The stalls themselves are wood while the shop facility, at the rear of this building, is built of more substantial stone or brick.

In a later shot, taken by Joe Collias in December, 1954, we see a wide shot of the enginehouse.

The siding to the left led to what appears to be a coaling facility for the locomotives; the short siding connected from that left siding leading to the enginehouse appears to be for company service deliveries. In the background, one of the road's 2-8-0's heads toward the Upper Yard. Beyond, the moonscape like tailings from strip mining.

Another shot of the enginehouse; in the foreground, the locomotive's water tank.

The open-ended building to the left appears to a coal hopper unloading point; visible behind the water plug is what appears to be an elevating loader, presumably used to coal the locomotives. The small shed next to the coal loader is likely to be a sand house, also for the locomotive's needs.  In at least one instance, heavy repairs were performed for the G&GE by the Burlington at their major engine facility located in nearby Galesburg.

In the right foreground is the G&GE's main track,  which leads northward to Victoria Junction, then on westward to Wataga.

Pictures of the enginehouse and water tank in recent years are shown here.

In earlier days, prior to the line's ownership by the Little John Coal Company, the G&GE had another locomotive facility, possibly located at Wataga or at the end of line in Victoria.

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