Steel Mills

In recent years, the modeling of steel mills has become easily accessible to the average model railroader.  Walthers manufactures several injected plastic kits that represent different structures fond in a typical steel mill.  I have built all of these kits in H0 and these pages talk about the techniques required to successfully built these kits. The same kits are now available in N-Scale, and most can also be used in Z-Scale.

Plastruct also makes several “Fake Front” structures (backdrops) for the steel mill environment.  Because these kits are very close to being scratchbuilt, they are also the most challenging.

The H0-Scale kits were built for Norm Stenzel to be installed on his Brandywine & Benedictine Railroad.  Please note that the photos of these kits are in as-built condition, and they will look considerably different once they are weathered to look as if they are in operation. It was decided to delay this weathering process until the entire facility is in place so as to achieve an accurate appearance.

This section contains:

  • Walthers Kits - An overview of the injected plastic kits which are marketed by Wm. K. Walthers.
  • Plastruct Kits - There are three pages in this section, one each for the Fake Front kits.
  • Construction Techniques - The Walthers kits share similar design, and there are some specific techniques which will help you create a realistic model.

There are other sites which can be of help:

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