Trains and track alone are not enough to create the miniature world of a model railroad.  Rokal trains, since they were in a new scale, had no peers. Unlike today, Rokal was the only manufacturer in TT, so there was nothing else available. It was necessary to produce model structures to help create the layout.  We call these structures, the stations, houses and churches that are next to the railroad tracks.

Rokal offered model structures in the period between 1953 and 1963.  By the end of that period, other manufacturers had entered the scene.

S 802 (above), S 801, S 803 (lower)

Various houses, S 810 water driven mill, S 812 church

Signal towers, S 832 shed, S 830 freight station, S 831 locomotive shop

Color photos of the same structures

By 1963, the “Rokal” structures were no longer in the catalog, but it appears that these buildings had been made for them by another manufacturer. Various sources identify that company as “Vau-pe”, but they might have been by “Klei-we”.  Regardless, some of the structures also later appeared in the Faller product line as small H0 structures. 

In other cases, structures were marketed as being for either TT or H0. I have a Vollmer modern station that is marketed as such, with the difference being determined by the kit builder as to station platform height and doorway height.

Also, there are some European-style structures that appear under the “Berliner” brand.  And, in recent years, there have been some Faller structures that are scaled exactly to TT-scale proportion.

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