Subterrain System

As mentioned in the Layout Construction chapter, the SubTerrain system from Woodland Scenics represents a significant improvement in model railroad construction.  Likewise, it represents a significant improvement on layout scenery creation.  Their innovative approach is evolutionary, relying upon earlier well established techniques.  This approach integrates layout construction and scenery into one unified outcome; it is quick and easy.  The SubTerrain system uses many of the techniques described on other pages of this section.

To quote Woodland Scenics: 

 “The SubTerrain System consists of lightweight foam components, such as Risers*,Incline  Sets*,Profile Board and Foam Sheets. These components allow modelers to easily create terrain with hills,  mountains, valleys and low-lying areas on any layout. Modelers no longer need to use heavy plywood or make complicated calculations. SubTerrain System layouts  are built without power tools and never make a dusty mess.

Rather than rewriting what Woodland Scenics has already written well, please refer to their web site.  In particular, look at the information about the SubTerrain System along with information about their ground cover systems.  You may very well find what you need for layout construction.

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