In the early days of Märklin mini-club, the Company apparently felt that the target market was the model railroader.  That is to say, a male. It soon became apparent that there was another market demographic that was buying their Z-Scale trains.  Research indicated that a much larger than expected proportion of the buyers were women who were buying for significant others.  Knowing that, we see this happy scene from the 1975 catalog.

Here, a birthday:

I’ve got something special for you.”  What’s that hidden in her right hand?

It’s a train!

Ach du lieber, wunderbar.” “Wowie, es ist so klein.”

Märklin mini-club!

Uh, oh.  He’s starting to drift........

The girls like mini-club, too.

She’s definitely starting to lose his attention.

And, a second locomotive!  She really does care. Or, at least, one for each of them.  I’ll have another slice of cake.  Meanwhile, he’s lost in the fantasy.

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