TCT References

Several sources of information were used in the preparation of the Texas City Terminal pages of this site.

Online Resources:

Text Resources:

Perhaps the most useful text resource came from Texas City Terminal Railway Company, written by Ken DeMaet and published by the Texas City Terminal Railway in 1993.  Mr. DeMaet was with the TCT for many years and is certainly the best resource for information about the Company.

A number of unique photographs were published in the book and some have been reproduced on these web pages.

Diesel Locomotive Rosters.  This out-of-print book was used for diesel roster information for the Texas City Terminal. The book is a compilation of a series of articles from Railroad Magazine, Sy Reich, Technical Editor.  The book was published by Wayner Publications.  The late Robert J. Wayner was a prolific publisher of railroad related books.  In many cases, the work established by Wayner has been superseded by more recent and improved texts, but Wayner helped start it all.

The Railroad Magazine diesel series has a number of inaccuracies, which should be taken into consideration when using it for research purposes, but given the context of the times in which it was published, the book is still remarkable.

Galveston-Houston Electric Railway, by Herb Woods (Interurban Press, 1959, ISBN 0-916374-23-8). This book covers the Galveston-Houston Electric Railway, which was a major force in development of the Galveston Bay area.

This book also contains information about the Texas City Terminal Railroad and related subjects.

Houston Electric, by Steve Baron (1996, ISBN 0-9653828-1-8).  This book covers the Houston streetcar system and helps put things into a Galveston Bay perspective. It covers other transportation systems in the area, and has a short section on Texas City which helped start me on researching these pages.

This fine book can be obtained, here.

The Short Line Doodlebug, by Edmund Keilty (Interurban Press, 1988, ISBN 0-916374-77-7). This book provided roster information for the Texas City Terminal. 

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