The 1980 Catalog

The 1980 Märklin catalog was a departure from previous catalogs. Each product line was featured in both the 146-page general catalog and also was shown in a separate catalog for that product.  The mini-club line was shown on 24-pages, but the 1980 catalog is significant for other reasons.

Where before, Märklin mini-club was shown either in simple product shots, or in a fantasy world comprised of everyday objects:

With the 1980 catalog came the suggestion that Märklin mini-club could be used to create a credible and realistic model railroad:

The term “Z” had first been mentioned in the 1979 catalog, as it was in the 1980 and subsequent catalogs.  To be sure, there were some odd statements:

To be sure, “Coveted by every man” could have simply be a translation issue, but Märklin was yet to become aware of the fact that women were interested in mini-club, too. Especially in America.

In all, though, if there had been any doubt before, Märklin mini-club had arrived.

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