The Table

This coffee table layout is made of mahogany.  The side panels are mahogany plywood, the corners and top frame are made of shaped hardwood.  Internally, MDF was used for the basic framing.  The table measures 381/2 x 321/2 and is 19 tall.  Alternatively, this would be approximately 98 cm x 83 cm x 48 cm tall.

The table is designed to have four tempered glass side panels and one large tempered glass top.  The side openings have routed slots to accommodate the glass. The model train layout sits inside the table, resting on top of the edge of the internal framework of the table.  There is a slide out control drawer.  Here, the table without layout and framed top:

Looking at the bottom, there is a recessed toe kick:

In most cases, the wood pieces were attached to the internal MDF frame with screws and glue. In other cases, joinery biscuits were used:

These biscuits are made of an absorbent wood product.  A special biscuit cutter hollows out a slot in the wood pieces to be joined.  Glue is applied to the biscuits, they are then inserted into the slots, the pieces are clamped and the assembly is allowed to dry.

Once dry, any excess is trimmed or sanded smooth.  Here, a joinery detail of the framed top:

The four corner posts have a small piece of wood dowel which extends above the top of the post.  These dowels match up to holes in the frame top so that the glass top is held in alignment but can also be removed for access to the layout.

The tempered glass fits into the routed slot in the top frame. At this writing, it is not certain if the glass will just simply sit in the frame or be mechanically attached.

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