Rokal manufactured three different types of track over the span of its production.  The Bakelite® “GB” track was offered beginning in 1947 until 1956.

Beginning in 1956, the track changed to tubular rails, called “P” track.

Initially, this track used a paper fiber cross ties for most track elements, with track switches and such using plastic. Those who have experience with fiber cross ties know that you have to be very careful because moisture causes the fibers to swell and distort. Such as when you use a water based adhesive to fix track ballast in place.  Rokal very quickly switched over to plastic cross ties, ending this problem. The problem with tubular rails was more persistent, with Rokal finally switching over to solid “NEM”-style rail with a correct profile. The “New Profile” track was introduced in 1967, continuing until close of business in 1969.

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