If you are interested in German trains or if you collect German trains, it is hard to not notice the V200 diesel-hydraulic locomotive.  This locomotive is still the focus of German pride, a shining example of both German engineering and the post-World War II German Wirtschaftswunder (“economic miracle”). As noted in the linked text, the Volkswagen Beetle is one specific example of the German economic recovery.

For railroaders, the V200 was the culmination of the recovery, and this iconic locomotive turned up everywhere.  Manufactured by Krauss-Maffei and MaK, it was German, through and through, from its Maybach or Mercedes diesel engines, to its Voith transmission.  There would be subsequent designs with internal improvements that still retained the smooth lines of the class locomotive.

Here, the cover of a pocket timetable for the Deutsche Bundesbahn:

Likewise, the V200 would serve as the inspiration for other vehicles.  Consider the Volkswagen Bus:

I like V200’s, and no line of German manufactured model trains would be complete without a V200.

Fortunately, the preservation movement has saved more than a few of these wonderful locomotives, and there are numerous examples that have gone overseas after working in Germany. And, the locomotive was popular with railfans:

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