Wesa TT

WESA was a independent manufacturer in Switzerland, producing 13 mm gauge (scale 1:100) from 1945 - 1966. At the end of the 1950’s,  they started to produce their trains also with 12 mm gauged wheels for the wider TT market.

Because of limited distribution, Wesa trains are not commonly found in the North American market. Although the first production cycle ended in the 1960’s, additional production continued under the direction of another individual.  This production cycle ended in 1983.  During a visit to Zurich in the late 1990’s, I was advised that Wesa was again in limited production. Their catalog at that time was a simple affair, printed on an ink-jet printer.

For a comprehensive view of Wesa in the German language, please see here.

I have a few examples of Wesa in my personal collection. Here a Swiss locomotive and two passenger cars:

The locomotive is cast metal, marked inside with “Inca”; Inca is the manufacturer of fine woodworking machinery and medical devices, all of which use cast metal parts. 

The locomotive’s operating direction is reversed by moving the bow collector on the roof.  The passenger cars are made of wood, with decalcomania representing windows, doors, and lettering applied to the sides and ends.

I also have been able to buy one freight car.

The Swiss web site for Wesa shows that the product line had some depth, with most of the trains representing real Swiss trains:

The Wesa product line had some very familiar Swiss power units.  Here, a Red Arrow:

A Swiss electric locomotive (apparently an Re 4-4 type) for the 1960’s era, part of later Wesa production:

When it comes to modeling North American locomotives, the Europeans seem to have a penchant for the odd and unusual.  So, the Wesa line included a Union Pacific “Big Blow” gas-turbine:

Also in the product line was a vista-dome.

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